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Aiwibi Baby Cloth Laundry Detergent (1L)



1. Deep stain removal, gentle on fabrics and baby’s skin!

2. Soft Protection to clothing

3. Gentle and skin friendly

4. No Fluorescent brightener

5. Enzyme preparation

6. No alkaline residue after rinsing

7. Camellia flower extract 8. Handy 1-litre Packaging



The imported enzyme is specially added to help break down effectively on the stubborn stains deep in the fabric, such as those of sweat, milk, fruit, oil, mud and grass; it is exclusively designed for children, with a formula of neutral PH and without fluorescent whitening. It can soften clothing, and does no hurt to hands, easy washing and bleaching and no residue. With cleansing ingredients extracted from plant and blended with camellia essence. It removes deep stains to clean clothes white keeping the skin gentle.

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