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Why Mommies Love Aiwibi

Skin & Baby-Friendly

Skin & Baby-Friendly

Chlorine and Fragrance-Free. All our baby care products are made only with safest ingredients and best materials sourcing from world's top brands like 3M, Weyerhaeuser, Lycar & PGI.

Japanese Sandia SAP

Japanese Sandia SAP

With Sandia SAP and advanced technology gel, our diapers can lock wetness away for up to 12 hours of dryness. Keeping your baby's skin stays comfortable and dry.

100% Certified & Qualified

100% Certified & Qualified

All Aiwibi products are dermatologically tested and certified to FDA, ISO and GMPC standards to ensure they can provide soothing relief & protect your baby's delicate skin.

Aiwibi diapers are very soft and comfy to baby skin. With high absorption power that can last up to 12 hours. Quite a well-known diaper brand that many Malaysian moms would love & recommend!

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What Our Customer Say

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Sandie Yap

The diaper is with good absorption though it's thin. Love it! Now they even got free wet tissue too (80pcs). The tissue is super soft, and the quality is also very good. Highly recommended!


Smells so good. I bought the strawberry scent baby wipe and really love it! Thanks for sending the right amount too. I can't wait to use it! Fast delivery, highly recommended.


The diaper is highly recommended. It is very soft like cotton, high absorption, no leakage and is super thin compared to other brands. Very comfy for my baby. Try it to believe it!

Lydia Chow

Wow, this pamper is very soft and thin! My little baby uses it all the time from night until morning, no leak at all good absorbed. The price is reasonable, and thanks for the free gift too.


I was amazed by its super soft and elastic waistband. Very gentle to the baby’s skin. Super soft layer feels so comfortable to touch. My kid tried it on for 4 straight hours and it remained to be intact.

Samantha Lee

Aiwibi is the best! I've tried many diapers before, but this pamper brand is ultra-thin with good absorbency. Impressed! Have tried their tape diapers and baby pants, both are of the best quality.